Touchpoint Reflexology Certificate Seminar

Facilitated by Mecell Pilon – Licensed Reflexologist *Kinesiologist* Reiki Master

Level 1

Learn to relieve stress and pain easily, naturally and safely.

Touchpoint’s “the basic” Reflexology Seminar, is the most powerful of its kind. It is neither simple, nor basic. It is simply the basic that one must know in order to become an effective and skillful practitioner. You will receive your certification upon completion of the 3 day (24 hour) intensive. You will learn basic anatomy and physiology. You will learn all of the reflexes needed to have a thorough session with any person. You will also have a repertoire of relaxation exercises designed to relieve stress, and you will know how to “read” feet to assess a person’s health. We also cover business skills. Laughter and playfulness makes your learning easy and stress-free. Even the exam is fun! Public welcome. Tuition fee includes course materials and snack.

Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Cold Lake, Alberta
Date: March 2, 3 & 4, 2018
Time: 8:00am – 7:00 pm each day

1st Degree Reiki (or Level I)

The Practitioner will be trainerd to give “hands-on” sessions to others as well as themselves. In
Japan, this training is given in one day and includes four attunements to increase the flow of energy through the Practitioner’s hands. To accommodate our Western Minds, we give the First Degree in two days. Reiki history and philosophy behind the system are taught.

Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Cold Lake, Alberta
Date: May 25th & 26th 2018
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Each Day

2nd Degree Reiki (or Level II)

The Practitioner learns how to enhance the energy transfer by increasing their focus by means of three Usui Reiki “symbols” as well as do “Distance Healing” for individuals, groups and circumstances.

During this workshop, the Practitioner receives three additional attunements. The true philosophy of Reiki is as gently and simple as it is powerful and is confortable to learn. Any First Degree Reiki Practitioner may attend this class. When taking Second Degree only, the Student is required to attend the full weekend workshop. Proof of First Degree Reiki will be required.

Place: Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Cold Lake, Alberta
Date: May 27th & 28th 2018
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm Each Day

For more information or to register for these courses contact:

Alternative Practitioner
5408 – 55 ST, Cold Lake, AB, T9M 1R5
Tel: (780) 594-9355 Fax (780) 594-1260 Cell (780) 207-7316

About Mecell Pilon

Mecell Pilon Has had been a member of the Cold Lake Chiropractic & Wellness team since 2006. She is an Alternative Practitioner, a Certified Instructor of Touchpoint Reflexology, Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics. Graduated with Honors in 2000, Lifetime Membership with Touchpoint, also one the top 9 Touchpoint Reflexology Instructors across Canada, Mecell is known for accurate Assessment in Reflexology, pain management, stress management, relaxation. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Applied Kinesiologist (Touch for Health).

Mecell has 20 years of experience in the Alternative Medicine Field. She also won the award for Business in the year of 2000, Through the Saskatchewan Home Based Business Association. Award: SHBBA Honorary Development Award. She was also the President

Mecell was part of the SHBBA MooseJaw Chapter for 6 years. It is Mecell’s belief that laughter is the best medicine.

In our office you can receive relaxing, gentle Reflexology: energizing, pain relieving, Muscle Balancing, and powerful Health and Goal Integration.

Reiki translates to “The Great Life Force (energy work)” in Japanese. Each methodology is different, serving different needs at different times.

Complimenting the conventional medicine, I have worked on many clients with various levels of stress, pain, discomfort, and trauma. Including all ages as young as 3 months to 101 years old.

I have assisted many athletes, to better their training, workouts and their performance: Professional Speed Skaters, Figure Skaters, Baseball, Basketball Players, Bodybuilders, The Arthritis Society Joints In Motion Training Team, Marathon Runners.
Assisted clients in hospitals in the ICU, Mental Health, Maternity, Surgery, and Seniors Residences. Each client benefited differently, most felt very relaxed, less stressed, their sleeping habits improved, less pain, developed more strength, more range of motion.
They received alternative pain management techniques, to focus on their well being. With Doctor’s guidance some clients reduced medication, for their ailments, further more their health improved and lifestyle changed for the better.

Volunteered in many places giving Lectures and Demos:

  • Public Library
  • High Schools
  • The Arthritis Society Joints in Motion Training Team
  • Hospitals
  • Seniors Residences (Local)
  • TOPS (Weight loss support group)
  • Health food stores
  • Attempted Suicide Support Group (Regina)
  • Five Hills Health Region Mental Health and Addictions Services,
  • MooseJaw & Area Child Abuse Prevention Council, Inc
  • Department of Community Resources and Employment (MooseJaw)
  • Early Childhood Intervention Program (Provincial Retreat) (MooseJaw)
  • RPN Saskatchewan Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • The Relay for Life (MooseJaw)
  • The Canada Day Celebration, Volunteer
  • The Jingle Bell Run, The Arthritis Society (Regina)
  • Saskatchewan Air show Volunteer (V.I.P. Tent Hospitality/Security,)
  • Snowbird Chic’s, Event Coordinator (MooseJaw)
  • Health & Fitness Fair 2004 Coordinator for Sterling Fitness Centre (MooseJaw)
  • Natural Health Epxo 2004, Keynote Speaker (Regina)
  • Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Association Burn Fund, Volunteer

Additional Credentials:

  • Mecell is in Good Standing with the Cold Lake Chamber of Commerce, Member. 2006. – 2010.
  • Also a Good Standing Member of Natural Health Practitioner of Canada (NHPC) Member 2006 – 2010
  • Has a lifetime membership With Touchpoint Canadian Institute of Reflexology and Kinesthetics.

CARE is What We Do Best!

  • Circulation
  • Assimilation
  • Relaxation
  • Elimination


(The feet, hand, face, leg and body)

Gentle compression of feet / hands soothes the body, relieves stress and its symptoms, relieves pain, and improves circulation and other body functions.


Muscle checking discovers and corrects muscular and organ imbalances caused by stress, structural problems, accidents and trauma.

Goal Setting and Health Integration:

Defuses physical, emotional and mental concerns such as weight, phobias, addictions, traumas, allergies and fatigue.

Reiki (Energy Work)

It cannot harm any being. It can only do well, to restore and prevent from deterioration. It can stop pain and relax your nervous tension. It takes care of acute and chronic conditions, hands on from head-to-toes.

These alternative techniques are for anyone and everyone, healthy or ill. The youngest I have worked on was 3 months and the oldest was 101 years old. Each will benefit in a different way. Many of my clients have had great success to better their health. Book your session today, by appointment only.

What to Expect Before Your Session:

At your first appointment you will be required to fill out a case history form. Once this is complete, you will be seated in a nice comfortable chair in my office and all you have to do is remove your socks. You will discuss any other concerns with your Reflexologist, and then she will proceed to do an Assessment to see where it is most congested in the body, to see what reflexes to work to relax you. Then the session goes from there.

What to Expect During Session:

You may feel warm of tingly. This is the sedation relaxation and circulation happening. An increase in range of motion example (neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee….) or thirsty, water is very important, before, during, and after session. It assists the body to remove toxins in the body.

What to expect After Your Session:

This will vary from person to person. Many also notice the change in the first session. Some people feel much better the next day, less pain, sleep well, more strength, more energy, more range of motion in sore areas, you will increase for the next 5 to 7 days, feeling more stronger each time.

Session Frequency:

Sessions are dependent on your needs. If the client is in a lot of pain, we try to get you back within 5 to 7, the follow up is very important, your condition and response to the session will be reassessed. From here your Practitioner will make a recommendation as to further sessions.


Alternative Practitioner fees are $70.00/ half hour and $100.00/hour for Sessions.

Payment is made directly to the Practitioner following your session.

Payments may be made by cash, or cheque, and Interact is available, Visa and American Express. You will be provided with a receipt.

Booking Appointments

Appointments may be made by calling Cold Lake Chiropractic & Wellness Centre at (780) 594-9355.