Following a major concussion I was experiencing major pain in my head, neck and back. The pain continued for four years before I decided that a chiropractic doctor was my best shot at overcoming my pain.

The biggest improvement is that I’m now in control of my pain – my pain doesn’t control me. Dr. Kopala was very intuitive and enthusiastic about finding me a solution to my pain, unlike many other doctor’s I have seen in the past. His passion for creating pain-free patients is very refreshing. With a combination of frequent chiropractic adjustments, deep-tissue massage, yoga, and exercises given to me by the wellness center, my pain went from out-of-control to very manageable in less than 3 months. I will continue to see Dr. Kopala and I’m looking forward to a full recovery in the near future.

I went to see Dr. Kopala expecting only spinal adjustments, however he was able to work with and adjust my scull alignment to bring some relief and reduce concussion headaches. That was a huge benefit! He also brought my attention to other aspects of my life affecting both my spinal health and overall wellness – such as nutrition/dehydration habits, the importance of strong core muscles, and medicinal side effects.

I attended the live health report this evening and really enjoyed all the information. Dr. Kopala is very knowledgeable, and the staff is very friendly. This place has a ton of options, but you really have to book an appointment to see what will work for you! This night is a great way to do that! And it’s free!!

– NS

You may share this with others. I am also open to providing updated testimonials as my road to recovery progresses and improves.

– Melanie W.

In a nutshell, chiropractic has been quite beneficial to our family and I have no doubt that my family and I will keep on enjoying chiropractic as we are assured this will help us stay away from medication and function in a most healthy fashion. We all feel better and cannot say enough about the benefits of seeking chiropractic treatments. We feel more alive, feel less pain and certainly feel that our entire body functions to its full potential.

– NO

Subluxation – even the word sounds painful. It means nerve interference – a condition that most of us suffer from, and sometimes we are not even aware of. Thankfully, chiropractic care is available to help us correct this condition. And I won’t pretend to know any more than that. What I do know is that it works.

– MG

Back pain has decreased significantly, I sleep better; quality of life is improved.

– RS

I have more energy, stronger immune system and am requiring less sleep

– JG

(I) feel amazing… your staff is amazing!

– MT

I don’t have to put up and live with the pain anymore….I’ve been lucky to see a more healthier and natural way of living and taking care of ourselves before, instead of after our bodies are in pain.

Noticed some relief after my first visit. After my second visit I felt better than I have for the last 20 years.

– TR

… less IBS or crohn’s flare ups. I feel better.

– FG

I was experiencing significant neck pain with numbness in fingers… There is no more numbness in my fingers. The pain associated with my bulging discs has disappeared as well

– SA

The improvement was dramatic: after only 2-3 brief treatment sessions, I was pain free. What is more, I felt immediately revitalized.

– LG

Biggest improvement – I’m able to sleep undisturbed – no pain in back and the tingling sensation in the left arm is gone. … I’m not waking up with headaches – less advil taken! I’m a nicer person to be around.

– NM